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The Marketing Conundrum
Here is what to do when business slows down and leads dry up.

What to do when business slows down, and leads dry up.

The truth is, marketing is a mindset game. The longer you’re consistent, the more consistent your business will become. If you have never had success marketing your business and creating a customer acquisition funnel, well… that’s one thing. But if you’ve established your funnel and it’s working just fine and dandy and then all of a sudden one day everything stops, here’s what to do:


Here’s a video that goes over this in more depth…

Watch this video about the Marketing Conundrum

Do you have faith in your business?

If the answer to this is anything but yes, then that’s another issue and we can’t help. But here’s the thing: you’re always either growing, or shrinking. Your mindset is either in a scarcity spiral whirling your down to the pit of your soul, or you’re living in abundance.

Scarcity vs abundance

We are HUGE believers in The Science of Getting Rich and having an abundant mindset. You have an infinite amount of ideas that could be conjured up, and millions of those ideas will get you exactly where you want to be. Remember that always (at least that’s what we do). There’s never a time when it pays off to be anxious.

You're always either growing, or shrinking.

It’s impossible to stand still. The odds of your remaining perfectly balanced in one spot is next to nothing. You’re either confident, or worried. If you’re worried, double down on what has gotten you to where you are today — don’t shy away and shrivel up. Remind yourself of the trials and tribulations you’ve overcome to get where you are and double-the-fuck-down.

The Marketing Conundrum

If you change directions, you will get lost.

If nothing has ever worked and you’ve always relied solely on word-of-mouth and referrals, well… then book a call with us because that’s no way to live. But assuming you have a system that has been working and for some reason (and there are millions of reasons this could happen) it’s just a slow period, if you try something new, you will drive into unknown territory only to realize it’s not working and you have to backtrack to where you were.

If you had something that was working, it’s not like it suddenly stopped. There are other forces at work beyond your marketing strategy.

Consistency always wins.

Keep driving straight. If you hit a desert, drive even faster, invest even more, pay a premium to get back to the lush forest. Believe in your game plan and don’t let circumstances cause you to react. We never react; we only respond. The worst thing that could possibly happen?

You lose hope.

If you lose hope, you're really in a bad spot because here's what happens.

You’ll start to doubt if anything you ever did was working to begin with, and if you arrive at a place in your head where you’re questioning yourself and doubting your marketing efforts, you’re bound to fail. The hardest part about business is staying the course when appearances are contrary to reality.

The fact is this: if what you’ve been doing has been working and there’s no real reason it mighta stopped working… don’t shift. Keep on and it will equalize, it always does.


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