The Origin of FunnelPros

We started out as regular marketers... but then we made a decision: serve one industry, and become the best.

Want to see our secret funnel that’ll drive your business where you want it to be?

Attract homeowners all year long with ONE powerful marketing funnel.

See the thing about marketing to homeowners is you gotta get people in the buying mood. They don’t want to fix their home, we want to improve their home. That small pivot makes all the difference. Pitching that dream is the angle we tackle, and it takes some brainstorming, but we know the offers that work, and we know which offers work for each industry. To figure out how to get people in the buying mood, it all starts with an offer so enticing that it’s impossible to turn it down.

Advertising is only effective if the offers are insanely amazing. That’s the core of any marketing campaign. Once the offers are established, then we build a marketing funnel around those offers. 

We’re the only home improvement marketing agency in the world that builds “digital Rube Goldberg machines” for your business. It’s a revolutionary (and effective) shift in marketing for the home services industry, and we’re the only agency to do it.

A Rube Goldberg machine was named after the American cartoonist Rube Goldberg, who used to illustrate how simple tasks got done using an incredibly complex series of tasks.

For instance, the automatic stapler seen below.

rube goldberg machine

Though in life Rube Goldberg was known to the world as a cartoonist, he was first an engineer. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 1904 and took a job in San Francisco where he worked on the city’s sewer systems. But he didn’t last long. A naturally talented artist, Goldberg became a sports cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle earning $8 per week.

Why does this have anything to do with marketing?


A Rube Goldberg Machine spurs a chain reaction and every action triggers the initiation of the next action, eventually leading to the desired outcome. You knock one domino down and a hundred things happen automatically without you having to lift a finger. We created our own machine but did it all digitally and customized it for home improvement companies.

This is the future of marketing.

Our digital Rube Goldberg machine is called The Home Improvement Funnel, and it’s super fucking secret. But we’ll send it to you TODAY… that’s right. Not only that, but we’ll give you five marketing hacks that’ll get you some dollar bills right away if you implement them.

Our Origin Story

Please excuse me for writing this in first person.

I’m Greg Cayea, founder of FunnelPros. You can read my candid history here. I only know how to write candidly, so forgive this brief moment of intimacy. 

It started in 2007. I was in my early 20s with aspirations to build the most prestigious theater company the world had ever known. There was only one way to do it: run effective marketing campaigns that put butts in seats – which proved to be more difficult than I’d imagined.

I started with theater and then moved to concerts, producing a music and comedy show that was much easier to move tickets for. With both feet in Manhattan, I was able to build the next LiveNation out of my studio apartment, one guerrilla marketing campaign at a time. 

My biggest client gave me a few nights each month at a few of their venues, and my company (Black Apple) was known for the most creatively-produced New York shows any artist could ask for. It didn’t take long for every talent agent in the city to ask us to handle their NYC tour date. And with that, a new career had been born.

Let’s move ahead to 2011

I had moved to Los Angeles and my career had taken me all the way to Beverly Hills, where my marketing business focused heavily on entertainment PR.

If you’re asking “how the hell does this end up in home services marketing?” Hang with me.

A public relations company in Beverly Hills hired me and I brought my services in-house to learn the art of media relations. A year later, we rebranded Black Apple as a PR business, and that was life for the next six years – until social media really took hold. 

You could see a new world emerging, and digital marketing became the sole focus because of its razor-sharp precision (and the science behind it was riveting).

My grandma was getting old, so I moved back to New York. I took a brief stint to finish the book I was working on before the move, and then on the way from California to New York, I and my then-girlfriend stayed on the road for 36,123 miles to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Road Trip. I still hold the record. 

Using my PR background and tactical digital marketing strategies, I made my book a bestseller on Amazon. Then I wrote three more books. That’s when everyone began asking for my help with public relations and marketing, and it was the biggest boost my business ever got.

And here we are today!

I moved to the Hudson Valley (Beacon), got married and bought a home. So yeah, just a few things going on in my life. Through all the exciting developments, I also gained some clarity on my work: clients came from so many different industries, making it difficult to really dive in, hone in, and deliver for a specific business.

Remember when I promised we’d circle back to home services marketing? Here comes the payoff.

A fabulous client of ours lit a fire, which drove us to go all-in on HVAC marketing services, which led us to realize there’s ONE thing EVERY home service business NEEDS to effectively market their business: The Home Improvement Funnel. After looking around and conducting extensive research, I found that every contractor marketing agency offered a select few services: web design, SEO, Google Ads…and some really terrible social media.

Not a single one offered an actual system or any kind of strategy. So we built a marketing funnel that comes with its own software.

Yes. We build customized marketing software for your business. NO OTHER AGENCY DOES THIS. Only us. And once you see how to leverage our platform? You’ll never go back.

Your marketing agency should do it ALL.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated (that’s so 10 years ago). 

There was a time when 10 different agencies tried to do totally different things, which meant astronomical costs for home services businesses. Everything needs to be under the same umbrella. We wanted to close the gap and offer an agency solution that handles EVERYTHING – and after some deep thought and planning, FunnelPros was born.

This brings us back to Rube Goldberg…

See, history generally repeats itself, and so we knew if we didn’t come up with a better mousetrap then sooner or later, every other home improvement marketing agency would be doing exactly what we were.

So we created a digital Rube Goldberg machine that only we have. It’s a proprietary piece of IP that only we know, and we spent quite a bit of money and research, and time perfecting it, but now we have it.

But why does this only work for businesses who serve homeowners?

Because the funnel was designed specifically to tap into the underlying emotions that all of us homeowners have to retire peacefully. We all want the same thing and the fastest way to wealth creation is to own property, and when you own property, you want to look after it in the best way possible and live in the greatest atmosphere we can possibly afford. 

What does a great home provide? Shelter, yes. Financial reward (equity), currency protection (what better place to store your money than in our home?), a happy family (you want your kids and husband and wife to live comfortably, right?) and it also gives us all a million hobbies we can finally do now that we weren’t able to do while renting. Gardening, DIY home improvement, woodworking, putting in a pottery studio, whatever it is.

We KNOW how to get homeowners interested in bettering their home and bettering a home is what the home services industry is built on. So, for that reason, we learned how to market to homeowners better than anyone.


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