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Do you have this problem inside of your CRM that is causing you to lose deals and completely forget about hot leads?

The Pipeline Stack

One of the biggest sales problems home service businesses (all service businesses really) face is the pipeline stack.

What is a pipeline stack?

It’s when one pipeline stage in your CRM gets cluttered up and you’re not sure who goes where. You lost track. The horse galloped away.

It's kinda like...

You know that drawer in your kitchen that all the matches and condiments and one-time wrenches end up in? Then you have no idea what’s actually in there? It’s worse than that.What about your car. The passenger seat. Below the glove compartment. Once the trash starts it never stops until you do a deep clean.Speaking of deep clean…

Ever go to the dentist and hear the words: you’re gonna need a deep clean. Those pockets are filled with guck. And the comes that very painful experience, not just from the sensitivity of your teeth, but the sound. That sound of enamel shrieking from pain.

And all you had to do was floss everyday, but you know why you didn’t? Cause you fell out of the habit. Sometimes you just don’t wanna fucking floss.

The Headache

Okay, so this is exactly what happens in your sales pipeline, except instead of Novocain fixing the problem, for this… well, there is no cure. If you have 300 leads in the “estimate sent” pipeline stage and they been there for months… well, those are dead.And how do you reignite them?

Well it’s hard. How do you know where they truly are? Did one of your sales reps forget to move them? Are they all truly outstanding estimates? You’re gonna have to click into each contact record to see the last touch point.

That’s gonna take forever.

But still it needs to get done...

If you don’t do that, and let’s say you send out an SMS blast or mass email a few weeks later, all you’re doing is increasing your spam score cause it’s going to come off as totally tone-deaf.

Not only do you customers/ leads think you’re not paying attention, but Google is laughing at you too.

Google thinks: they send no emails all year then blast a thousand in one day? Must be a business sending a promotion.

So now all your emails end up on the promotions tab. And you know who sees the emails in your promotions tab?

Me. Like three years later.

The Solution

But what if this never happened ever again? Therein lies the beauty of a fully-integrated and fully-automated pipeline.

Instead of staring at $100k in a pipeline stage of stagnant estimates you worked all year for and spent tons of money generating through canvassing and running LSA ads and PPC campaigns and direct mail and Facebook ads, now you can simply let your smart CRM move every lead seamlessly through the process of payment.

Know how much your cost per estimate is? You should. That’s another problem a funnel will solve (well, our funnel at least). I’d say probably between $250 and $700 to get a solid estimate out depending on your trade.And you’ve got like a hundred of them just sitting there collecting cob webs.Let’s see… ~$500 cost per estimate x 100 stagnant cards…

That’s.. oh man. That’s ~$50,000 down the drain.

So, if you have THIS problem, let’s fix it.

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