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Unveiling the Mystery of Disappearing Google Reviews – 14 Crucial Reasons Revealed

Google reviews play a vital role in shaping the online reputation of businesses. However, it’s not uncommon for businesses to experience the perplexing phenomenon of disappearing Google reviews. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore the possible reasons behind this occurrence and provide you with valuable insights on how to tackle the issue. By understanding these 14 crucial reasons, you can better navigate the complex world of Google reviews and ensure a positive online presence for your business.

1. Violation of Google’s Review Policies

Google has a set of strict guidelines that must be adhered to when it comes to reviews. If a review violates any of these policies, it may be removed by Google. Common violations include spam, fake reviews, reviews containing inappropriate content, or reviews left by competitors with malicious intent. It’s crucial to review and understand Google’s policies to avoid falling into these pitfalls.

According to Google, millions of reviews are removed each year due to policy violations, highlighting the importance of adhering to their guidelines.

2. Overwhelming Number of Reviews Posted at Once

If a sudden influx of reviews is detected by Google’s algorithms, it may trigger a review purge. This can occur when a business engages in unethical practices like buying or incentivizing reviews. It’s essential to accumulate reviews organically over time to avoid raising any red flags.

Businesses that engage in unethical practices like buying reviews face the risk of having those reviews removed. It’s estimated that fake reviews account for around 16% of all online reviews.

3. Filtered Reviews

Google employs an automated review filtering system that separates reviews it deems suspicious or low-quality from those it considers genuine and reliable. These filtered reviews are not visible to the public, impacting the overall review score. Factors that can trigger the filter include reviewing from the same IP address, leaving multiple reviews for the same business, or using certain keywords excessively.

Google’s automated review filtering system affects approximately 25% of reviews, classifying them as suspicious or low-quality.

4. Reviewers’ Google Account Deactivation

If a reviewer’s Google account is deactivated or flagged as suspicious by Google’s systems, any reviews they have left may disappear. This can occur if the account is suspected of being fraudulent or violating Google’s terms of service. Such actions can significantly impact the number of reviews displayed for a business.

The deactivation of Google accounts, either due to suspicious activity or violations, can impact the visibility of associated reviews.

5. Review Removal Requests by Business Owners

In certain cases, business owners have the option to request the removal of specific reviews that violate Google’s policies. This can include reviews containing false information, offensive language, or personal attacks. While Google evaluates these removal requests, the affected reviews may temporarily disappear until a decision is made.

Business owners have the option to request the removal of reviews that violate Google’s policies. Around 22% of review removal requests are granted by Google.

6. User’s Review Modification or Deletion

Sometimes, reviewers may choose to modify or delete their reviews after posting them. This can happen due to changes in their perception or experience with a business. When reviews are modified or deleted, the overall review count may decrease, leading to the disappearance of previously visible reviews.

It’s estimated that around 5% of reviews are modified or deleted by users after being initially posted.

7. Temporary Review Delays

Occasionally, Google experiences temporary delays in displaying reviews. These delays can occur due to technical glitches, server issues, or system updates. It’s important to be patient during these periods as the reviews will typically reappear once the issue is resolved.

Temporary delays in displaying reviews occur sporadically and are resolved within a short period. The frequency of these delays can vary.

8. Reviews Flagged as Inappropriate by the Community

Google encourages its users to report reviews that they believe violate its policies. If a review receives multiple reports from the community, it may be flagged for review by Google’s team. During the evaluation process, the review might be temporarily removed until a decision is made regarding its appropriateness.

When multiple reports are received for a review, Google’s team reviews it. Approximately 8% of reported reviews are eventually removed.

9. Business Listing Changes

When a business undergoes significant changes such as a change of ownership, relocation, or rebranding, it can impact the visibility and preservation of its existing reviews. Google’s algorithms may associate these changes with a different business entity, causing some reviews to disappear or be incorrectly attributed.

Businesses undergoing significant changes may experience the disappearance of reviews due to reassociation with a different entity. The frequency of such changes varies across industries.

10. Algorithmic Updates

Google continually refines its algorithms to provide the best user experience. Occasionally, algorithmic updates may alter the way reviews are displayed or affect the visibility of certain reviews. These updates can lead to fluctuations in review counts and the disappearance of reviews that no longer meet the updated criteria.

Google regularly updates its algorithms, resulting in changes to review display criteria. These updates occur multiple times a year, impacting review visibility.

11. Removal of Inactive Google Accounts

Google periodically removes inactive or dormant Google accounts from its system. If a reviewer’s account is deleted due to inactivity, any reviews they have left will also disappear. This process helps maintain the integrity of the review ecosystem and ensures that only active users’ opinions are considered.

Google periodically removes inactive accounts, which can affect the visibility of reviews left by those users. The number of inactive accounts removed annually is in the millions.

12. Reviews Left by Non-Customers

Google emphasizes the importance of reviews reflecting genuine experiences with a business. If reviews are suspected to be from individuals who haven’t used the products or services offered by the business, they may be removed. This helps prevent misleading or fake reviews from impacting a business’s reputation.

Google aims to maintain the authenticity of reviews and estimates that around 15% of all online reviews are suspected to be fake or left by non-customers.

13. Reviews on Unverified Listings

Google prioritizes verified listings over unverified ones. Reviews left on unverified listings are subject to a higher risk of removal or filtering. Verifying your business listing helps ensure the longevity and visibility of reviews associated with your business.

Unverified listings have a higher risk of review removal or filtering. Verifying your business listing is crucial as it establishes trust and credibility.

14. Technical Glitches and System Errors

Despite Google’s efforts to maintain a robust review system, technical glitches and system errors can occur. These glitches can result in reviews temporarily disappearing or being inaccurately displayed. Monitoring your reviews and reporting any technical issues to Google’s support team can help rectify such problems.

While there are no specific statistics available, technical glitches and system errors can occur sporadically and impact the display and visibility of reviews temporarily.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the reasons behind disappearing Google reviews is crucial for maintaining a positive online reputation. By being aware of violations, filters, account deactivations, and various other factors, businesses can navigate the review ecosystem with confidence. It’s essential to prioritize ethical practices, encourage genuine reviews, and regularly monitor your online presence. By doing so, you can build a trustworthy brand image and foster a strong relationship with your customers.


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